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Tournament Results 12/7-12/8

On the weekend of 12/7-12/8, FC Copa Academy had quite a few teams in action at different tournaments. Some of these teams ended up playing in the Finals, Third-Place Games, or ended the weekend in the top half of their respective brackets. Here are some of the highlights from another successful weekend:

Boys 01/02 Red | 2-0-1

Coach Craig and his team had a great showing down in Pennsylvania for the PA Classics Winter College Showcase. They finished 2nd in their bracket going undefeated with two wins and a draw. They managed to score 6 goals in 3 games, while playing in front of about 20 different college coaches throughout the weekend.

Boys 03 Red | 1-0-2

Coach Pablo and his B03 Red squad managed to also stay unbeaten at the PA Classics Winter College Showcase with a win and two draws. They ended up finishing second in their bracket as well, while shutting out the competition in all three games! Strong defensive performance all throughout the weekend for this group.

Boys 03 White | 2-1-1 | FINALISTS

The B03 White team, led by a combination of Coach Yazo and Coach Danny, finished first in their group with two wins and a draw. Their only loss came in the final, where they lost in a PK shootout. An incredible achievement for a brand new team playing in their 2nd ever tournament together.

Girls 05 Black | 2-1-1 | THIRD PLACE

Coach Yazo’s G05 Black team looked to follow up their great NCFC College Showcase performance this weekend. With two wins, one loss, and a draw, the ladies finished second in their group and ended up with a Third Place finish. Another strong tournament showing from this group of girls who continue to improve every day.

Boys 05 Red | 2-1-1 | THIRD PLACE

Their first ever tournament as a team, the B05 Red ended up finishing in Third Place this past weekend! Led by Coach Yazo and Coach Danny, the boys lost their first game and used that as motivation to finish off a strong weekend. An impressive performance by a team still learning to play with each other.

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