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3rd Grade - 5th Grade

Upper elementary grades is a time in a student’s life where they may have a specialized teacher for individual subjects for the very first time. Skills such as long-term planning and organization for long-term projects become extremely integral.


As you go through 3rd, 4th and 5th grade, it is an important transition period to becoming an independent learner!


Habits to Start Building

  • Have a dedicated study space

  • Create a system to keep track of assignments and tests, and stick to that system

  • Create calendars and corresponding checklists

  • Figure out how to estimate how long projects will take, and learn to budget a certain amount of time for each of your assignments to be efficient

  • Break large projects into smaller tasks to better manage and not overwhelm yourself

  • Get used to asking teachers for help if you need it - EXTRA HELP and COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR TEACHER is critical to success. 


Study Tips

    • Get rid of distractions (i.e. cell phones, TVs, etc)

    • Rereading is not the same as learning!

Practice active learning (creating note cards, writing on post-it notes, diagramming concepts, highlighting, etc) instead of just reading notes


Questions to Ask


  • What information and materials/books do you need to do your assignment?

  • What do you need to do first, then what step comes after that?

  • If something did not work, why did it fail and how can you solve the issue next time?

  • What environment do you study best in? What methods work best for you? Would you do anything differently next time?

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