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17 Years of History, 1 Club, 1 New Logo

The 4 Stars

Our new logo includes 4 stars that represent the core values in the organization’s mission statement; developing players with character in the community with the love for futbol. The mission statement guides the organization in its endeavors and highlights values that are key to its success.

3 ARCS.png

The 3 Arcs

The outer white arc represents the Copa community as a whole, a unit of people with a love for futbol and a hunger for success. The inner black arc represents the Academy teams and all of their accomplishments. The inner white arc represents the development of the Academy’s players  on and off the field in the past, present, and future.


The Color Red

The color red represents the passion that flows through all of FC Copa Academy players and staff. The passion to win, the passion to be the best we can possibly be, and of course, the passion for futbol.


4 stars for our mission statement: Developing PLAYERS with CHARACTER in the COMMUNITY with LOVE for futbol.

The color BLACK represents our STRENGTH and CONVICTION in all we do.

2004, the year FC Copa Academy was founded.

The Inner White Arcs represent all past, present, and future FC Copa Academy Players' development on and off the field.

FC for Futbol Club represents the 
GLOBAL nature of the sport.

The Black Arcs represent the
FC Copa Academy Teams and their 
continued success throughout the years.

The Outer White Arcs represent the
FC Copa Academy community as a whole.

3 red stripes to symbolize and pay tribute to the original teams which formed the club.

The color RED represents our PASSION for all that we do.

CFC are our new call letters, they represent the evolution of who we are and who we are becoming.

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