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Personal Care is at the root of everything we do. Care for our athletes, their families, our coaches and the Academy is the constant focus of the thoughts, actions and decisions of FC Copa Academy leadership, coaches and staff.


Members conduct themselves in a thoughtful and disciplined manner. This includes how we speak, how we train, how we run our organization and most importantly how we develop our young players to become successful on and off the field for years to come.


We live and breathe futbol, for the club and for each other. For us the commitment to being a passionate individual transcends all as that is the foundation to all other core values. It truly means that you love and enjoy what you do.


We teach and encourage ongoing competitiveness from all our players. Competing for oneself, competing for the team and competing for the pride of the Academy are all elements that push our athletes to be the best they can be!


We were founded with the belief that being loyal to a player’s long term development is critical and appropriate. We strive daily to retain our players for many years and in return we see this reciprocated consistently by our players, parents and partners.


We educate all members of the club to treat each other, our opponents, the referees and the game with respect. Elevated conduct makes for a more enjoyable playing experience for all. 


The value of accountability is the willingness to take responsibility for one’s own actions. This is a critical value as we look to educate our young people to always be open to growth and learning while being responsible and making good, healthy decisions on and off the field.


All members will display a high level positive play, will also demonstrate respect for every person on the field of play.  We aim to create an experience that is enjoyable to all, and ensures positive environments for all. 

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