• Practice t-shirts will be worn at all training sessions: Grey practice t-shirt, black shorts and black socks.   Players have the discretion of wearing black shorts and socks other than those provided for games to reduce their wear (at practice sessions ONLY).

  • Game uniforms will be worn for ALL games: League, tournament, state cup AND Scrimmages/Friendlies. Jersey, Shorts, Socks (all FC Copa Kit).  The colors will be designated by the coach/manager for each event. Player’s should have the opposite color jersey with them. 

    • NOTE:  Practice t-shirts should be worn to and from the field for all games and during warm-ups - players will change into the appropriate game jersey just before game time.

  • Color Designation: The standard color designation for games is: White/Black/White for HOME games; Red/Black/Black for AWAY games. For Tournaments, coaches/managers will designate a color for each day based on opponents’ colors, home/away status and weather/field conditions. 


    • Practices: backpack, practice uniform as noted above, water, shin guards, cleats, warm-up suit as required for the weather.

    • Games (non-tournament): backpack, game uniform as noted above, both practice t-shirts, alternate color game jersey (than what is being worn), water, shin guards, cleats, both color socks, warm-up suit as required for the weather.

    • Tournaments: The FULL FC Copa Uniform Kit -- both game jerseys, both game shorts, both colors game socks, both practice t-shirts, warm-up suit.  Plus water, snacks/lunch, shin guards, cleats, slides/sandals and other weather-appropriate necessities

  • Proper Wear: Shirts (practice t-shirts OR game jersey) MUST BE FULLY TUCKED IN AT ALL TIMES -- NO front tucks or side tucks allowed.   This is part of presenting a professional, ready-to-play appearance and it is also part of the discipline we expect of our players and teams.

  • Bags: Equipment bags should be lined up parallel to the sideline at games and practices.

  • Undergarments: If a player chooses to wear undergarments that will be visible, such as long-sleeved shirts under the jersey, compression shorts, etc - these must match the color of BOTH the jersey and shorts (white for white jersey and shorts; red for red jerseys; black for black shorts). 

    • ​Note that FIFA (the international governing body for football/soccer) recently modified its rules to mandate that undergarments match the game shirt and short colors.

    • The exception to this is that for Practices Only, players may wear undershirts and/or undershorts of another club color (red, black, white).  No other colors are acceptable.

    • Goalkeepers ONLY may wear long pants; field players may only wear under-shorts. Under-shirts (long or short-sleeved) must be body-fitting and not loose or bulky, such as Under Armour or similar brands. No sweatshirts are to be worn under game jerseys or practice shirts.

  • Other cold-weather accessories:  it is acceptable for players to wear “field gloves” and either headbands (to cover ears) or knit caps.   The only colors acceptable are one of the club colors – red, black, white.  No hard-billed caps or visors are permitted on the field.