The primary responsibility for your training and development rests with your coaches.  The key word here is primary - it is the primary, not the sole responsibility . . .  It is also your responsibility to take ownership of your individual development.  With only two 90-minute training sessions per week during the season, it will be difficult for you to achieve your fullest potential in soccer if you only rely on these team sessions for your development.

What this means is you should be identifying areas for improvement and either working on exercises on your own or with friends outside of team training sessions, or engaging in clinics, classes, or other training resources. The starting point is for you to have a discussion with your coach to identify areas of development or specific skills that you should focus on outside of the team training sessions.  The coach can also be helpful in providing tips on exercises to use, or in identifying other resources.

We'll begin posting exercises that you can use on your own or with friends:

Here is the Barcelona Futbol Club Youth Academy video for technical training and conditioning. This video is essential for players who want to bring the training home.

Here is a link hosted by AC Milan's Junior Academy on turning and switching directions. It also has players demonstrating different ways on how to successfully and creatively switch directions. 

Here is a link of Real Madrid's training session prior to a game against Atletico Madrid. It is important to understand the do's and don't's of training before games. 


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