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Freshman Year (9th Grade)


You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Make an effort to make a good impression on your teachers as you begin a new phase in your life.


Suggested Timeline

        • Realize that your grades from this year matter! Colleges will see the grades you receive in ALL four years of high school. Start off strong!

        • Be organized- be sure to use your daily planner each day!

        • Get involved in extracurricular activities in and outside of school.

        • Sounds simple, but do all of your homework each night. This includes reading and studying! Every missed assignment is a zero and points you have lost. Those zeros add up and hurt your grade more than you realize.


Looking Ahead

        • Begin to discuss and research colleges with your parents. Start asking yourself questions. How far from home might you want to attend college? Do I want to attend a very large or small school? What area of study might you want to pursue?

        • When selecting classes for sophomore year, select the most challenging classes you will be able to succeed in. You want to take as many honors and AP classes as possible while maintaining a high GPA.

        • Summer before sophomore year – visit some local colleges or colleges near locations you will be on vacation. Do this to get some sense of what a college campus is like.

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