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Junior Year Action Plan


This year is critical for your academic record. It will be the most recent picture of what you have done in the classroom –
make it count.


Suggested Timeline

        • Take PSAT’s for National Merit scholar potential.

        • Continue to stay active in extracurricular activities.

        • Try to assume leadership roles in your activities 

        • Continue to update your profile information on gotsoccer website.

        • Take SAT’s and ACT’s - as early as January, no later than March for the first time. 

        • Begin to narrow your list of schools to 10 – 20 and make sure you have visited each school - unofficial visits.

        • Research the soccer team – roster, level of competition, coaching staff. Go see them play!

        • Attend showcase tournaments and communicate to college coaches prior to EVERY tournament – sending your soccer info, academic info and game schedule for each tournament.


Looking Ahead

        • Register with NCAA Eligibility Center.

        • Keep your FC Copa coach updated as to your status and communication with each school. It is YOUR job to inform your coach, not their responsibility to keep on you.

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