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Note Taking Tips


Find a method of notetaking during class that allows you to keep up with the teacher while getting the main points of the lecture down. There is no ONE way to take notes - find what works for you, but it is critical that you understand that just listening will not allow you to recall the information to the best of your ability. 



    • Use specific symbols and abbreviations as visual reminders, so you do not attempt to write every word the teacher says.

    • Keep all your notes in successive order in one place. 

    • As you set up your note page before class, leave a two inch margin on the left to add anything that you missed or want to add after class. 

    • After class ends, take five minutes to look through and edit or add anything that you may have not written down during class time.

    • Take time to review those notes and reorganize them into an easy-to-read manner… especially if your handwriting is particularly sloppy.

    • Make sure to keep dates and titles consistent for all pages of notes.

    • Use headlines/ titles to indicate major topics, then bullet points underneath for the details within that topic. 

    • Focus on key words, dates and names.

    • When a teacher repeats a statement, it is likely that it is important - write it down. 

    • When a teacher changes their voice in tone, volume or emphasis, it is likely that it is important - write it down.

    • If you are absent from class, be sure to get those notes from a responsible classmate. Then ask if you can meet with the teacher to review so you are sure you have what is important. 



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