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Organizing Your Study Space & Eliminating Distractions


Having a dedicated and organized space to study and complete homework assignments can be an integral part of not only finishing your tasks more efficiently, but also retaining the information better. It is advised that you have ONE consistent place where you study, with all of your study needs readily available. 


Ask yourself if your study environment is conducive to completing tasks and assignments. Why or why not?


Activity: On a separate piece of paper: DRAW YOUR STUDY PLACE!

  1. Is it the SAME every night?  

  2. Is it busy or quiet? Are you alone or in the middle of action?

  3. Are you at a table or on your bed? 

  4. What is the type of lighting where you study?

  5. What is near or around you - good or bad? (Pens, cell phone, TV, brothers/sisters).

  6. Is your cell phone on and near you at all times?


  • Find systems that work for YOU, not everyone is productive in the same kind of environment.

    • Can you you study in silence?

    • Can you focus with soft background music? If so, play something you don’t know all the words to (or something that doesn’t have words at all).


What works best?

  • Same location and same time every night so it becomes a consistent habit.

  • Away from distraction, noise and people. 

  • At a desk or table - not a bed! 

  • Lighting should be bright.

  • Study supplies near you so you are not having to wander around the house in search of items, which is a waste of your valuable time and a distraction.

  • Take breaks along the way to maintain your attention. Every 30 - 35 minutes is typically the amount of time you can concentrate before your start to feel distracted. 

  • The break should be no longer than 10 minutes - get up, do some quick exercises to get your blood pumping and get a snack, then back to work.






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