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Senior Year Action Plan


Don’t let down in your class work. Finish strong. Colleges have reversed acceptances!


Suggested Timeline

        • Take the SAT/ ACT again.

        • Submit all applications by deadlines – know your school’s deadline!

        • Check status with the NCAA Eligibility Center and have your transcript sent at
          conclusion of senior year.

        • Complete FAFSA form with recent tax information. March is the deadline, but do it as early as possible – After January 1.

        • Schedule and complete official visits. Meet with the coach and the team and stay overnight if possible, see the team play.


Looking Ahead

        • Stay in touch with your FC Copa coach, copying them on all communication w college coaches.

        • Stay in touch with your high school counselor.

        • Keep college coaches updated on your achievements by sending them your updated info through the fall and play in high level tournaments in the late fall and spring.

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