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Sophomore Year Action Plan


Continue to work consistently to obtain good grades. Sophomore year can be a challenging one. Remain focused.


Suggested Timeline

        • Take the PSAT’s in fall.

        • Continue to stay active in extracurricular activities: leadership role = commitment

        • Consider your strength of schedule and not overloading on easy classes

        • Make a list of all colleges which meet your criteria – interest, academic fit, location, size, soccer.

        • Visit colleges when they are IN SESSION – this is the best way to get a feel for the school, the students and campus life.

        • Attend the FC Copa College Night


Looking Ahead

        • Continue to update your profile on when directed to do so and keep it up to date. 

        • Prior to attending soccer showcase tournaments, begin to communicate with college coaches by emailing them with your personal information and team schedule for each tournament. This is your job!

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