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Test Taking Tips

Taking tests can be stressful for some, but by ensuring you are well prepared, you can utilize these tips to game-plan and boost self-confidence.



  • Beginning the studying process will be made easier if you perfect and maximize your note-taking ability.

  • Scan through your well-organized notes and write down important information and main ideas that have been covered up to that point of the class on a fresh sheet of paper.

  • Use other class resources (books, online articles, quizzes, etc.) to fill in gaps of info and to create a full study guide.

Taking the test:

  • Make sure that you get a good night’s sleep the night before the test. Most of the time pulling an all nighter can be more damaging than helpful, as your brain/body will likely be exhausted come test time.

  • Be sure to eat a decent meal before. If you go in hungry, your brain will struggle to remain focused.

  • As soon as you get the test, scan the whole thing to get a feel for the test in its entirety.

  • Complete the questions worth the most points first, then move on.

  • If a question confuses you or you don’t know the answer - don’t let it stump you! Move on and come back to it.

  • Read the entirety of the questions/answers and never assume anything.

    • If anything is unclear to you be sure to ask the teacher to clarify.

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