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Guidelines for Your College Emails

Communication with College Coaches:

Provided below is an email template that you need to send out to any college coaches prior to attending these events. The coaches need to know that you have some interest in their school so they can make an attempt to attend your games while at these tournaments.  This list of potential coaches will vary depending on your age.  The younger you are, the larger your list will be and also the less likely the coaches will be to attend your games, but you need to make the effort in communication as they will put in their database.  As a freshman or sophomore, your list of potential colleges should be very long right now and you should send an email to every coach of any college you might have some interest in attending. These emails should be sent a couple of weeks before each tournament, but can be even earlier as coaches are planning their schedules before each event.  It is a lot of work, but it is CRITICAL that you send them.


Remember, what is provided below is only a template and needs to be edited by you to truly reflect who you are and why you might want to attend the school. Make it your own!  Be Creative! Add to it! You want to boast your accomplishments as well as those of your team while keeping it relatively brief.  If you are a very strong student, make mention of those numbers (GPA and SAT's) early in the email so they continue reading. Every college coach loves to see a strong student who will be a good candidate in the admissions office! If you are young and do not yet have SAT scores, that is fine, just express to them the interest you have in their school and why.

Put yourself in the position of a college coach reading your email. Does it make me want to see you play? Are you helping me understand why the school is a good academic fit for you? Do you know anything about my soccer program?  Peek my interest enough to read your email in full and make a point to try to see you play.  

Also, please look at the tournament website for a list of college coaches who will be attending as most tournaments have a list posted for you to work from. 

These emails you are sending are often your first introduction to a college coach and how you present yourself speaks volumes to who you are. Be sure to have someone (a parent) look at your emails before you hit send!  Make sure you check all spelling and use full words - ex. you, not u.  It sounds crazy, but with all of the texting you are doing, proper English sometimes suffers.

Address each email to the coach by name with specific content about that school and soccer program if possible.  Coaches want to know that you are aware of their program and school - not that they are part of a blast out you are sending to hundreds of coaches (even if that is the case).  At this time, the game schedules have not been posted, so you need to wait until that occurs, but please create your email and have it ready to go so you are prepared. Again, this template is at the very end of this email. Be sure to copy (cc) your FC Copa Academy coach on every email you send so we are in the loop. 

Template email to be sent to college coaches prior to attending each tournament - Edit to make it your own - make it personal and interesting!  Make a college coach want to come see you play and also have them understand that you know something about their school and soccer program!  Make sure you spell their name correctly and do not have other spelling or grammar mistakes.  Please ask your parents to read your template before you start sending your emails.

Sample Email:

Dear Coach XXX,


My name is XXXX XXXX, I am a current HS Sophomore, and am writing you and your staff because XXX University is one of my top collegiate choices due to its academic reputation and soccer program. Write specific program information here (ex. Congratulations on your conference title this fall).  


I'm hoping that at least one member of your coaching staff will be in attendance at the upcoming XXXXX Toruna,ent and can come and watch me play.


I play for the F.C. Copa Academy U16G Red which is currently ranked #__ in New Jersey, as a defender as well as a holding center midfielder, I wear jersey number 9.


I attend XXX HIgh School in XXX, NJ where I just earned my second varsity letter. I have a 3.7 GPA and my SAT scores are 127- (620 Critical Reading/ 650 Math).


Explain more individual information here: soccer awards, honors, academy awards, unique community service.


The other upcoming tournaments my team is attending are:


My club coach is copied on this email and if you require information regarding my soccer performance he/she can be reached at XXX-XXX-XXXX or via email at _______. For more information regarding FC Copa please visit


My game schedule at the XXXX tournament is as follows:


Game Schedule Here: Location, Field #, Time, Opponent


Thank you and I hope you can come watch me play,



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