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Please read and complete all information in this application to be sure you meet all the qualifications and supply all the necessary information.


  • Complete the online Financial Aid Application form.

  • On this form you will be asked to provide a brief written explanation of why you are requesting financial aid and why you feel you may qualify.  Include details of hardship, expenses vs. income, etc  Without this information, your application cannot be accepted. If you child has been a prior member of the Club, please indicate your involvement with the Club in the past and your ability and willingness to become an active volunteer in the future. Please give examples.

  • Awards will not exceed the budgeted amount determined by the Board of Directors each year. The amount of the award depends on need including but not limited to the following: family income, number of family members and number of players requesting financial aid.

  • Special circumstances, such as large medical expenses not covered by insurance, loss of income due to illness or unemployment, etc. area are also taken into consideration. Be sure that you include an explanation of this type of hardship in your request if you believe that you have extraordinary circumstances that should be considered.

  • You will be asked to provide copies of your two latest Federal and State income tax returns as proof of income and family size.

  • The Club Director of Administration, as well as the Financial Aid Committee will be informed of the amount of financial aid a player receives. Otherwise, your privacy will be carefully protected.  All documentation provided with your application will be shredded once a decision has been reached and communicated.

  • The financial aid covers tuition and select fees only. You are responsible for paying any team expenses such as travel, coaches’ expenses and tournament expenses as well as uniform expenses. These items are not covered by this aid.

Please be advised that budget limits may not allow us to give the aid requested in every circumstance. If you need more help meeting expenses, payment plans can be discussed.


If you have questions, please email us at

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