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Financial Aid Committee:

The Financial Aid Committee shall consist of the following Officers and Directors:

  1. Director of Operations

  2. Director of Administration

  3. Directors of Coaching

  4. Director of Player Development

  5. Team Coach (Optional)


Awarding of Financial Aid:
Financial Aid shall be awarded by the Committee primarily on the basis of need and soccer aptitude.  No Aid shall be awarded in excess of the amount budgeted by the Board. 


  1. Complete the Application for Financial Aid form after accepting an offer to join an FC Copa team.

  2. Complete online registration and pay a minimum of 1/2 of the required tuition deposit.

  3. Provide supporting documents, explanation of need or other hardship.

  4. Upon receipt of all applications, the Committee will meet in closed session to review.

    • The Committee shall be entitled to establish reasonable deadlines for the submission of Financial Aid Applications.

    • All applications and awards shall be kept confidential.

    • All timely submitted applications shall be reviewed by the Committee. Late applications may be considered if the budget is available.

    • Financial Aid may be awarded in full or partial amounts, or may be rejected.

    • Payment plans may be approved by the Committee on a case by case basis.

    • The Director of Administration shall notify each applicant of the Committee’s decision.

    • Any financial aid awarded by the Futbol Club Copa (FC Copa) applies only to tuition and/or select fees. It does not cover uniform, equipment or other team or individual expenses such as tournament, travel or coaches’ expense

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