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07 Age Group Take Over 2024 USYS National League Regional Showcase

Congratulations to our G07 & B07 Black FC Copa NJ Central teams who both topped their brackets at the 2024 USYS National League Regional Showcase! Our teams took their opportunity, in front of college coaches, to perform at their best and leave another weekend crowned champions!

The 07 Black FC Copa NJ Central girls took the first trip to Tuckahoe, leading by great example, and left undefeated with 11 goals on the weekend! All together, a standout performance for our girls getting ready to decide on their future schools.

Coach Matt reflecting on the weekend: “The girls put together a complete weekend with consistent performances. They managed to both control games and show character when pushed by others. An overall fantastic weekend for them as a whole.”

Our 07 Black FC Copa NJ Central Boys followed up with two clean sheets, and a late win against the second-place team in the bracket to secure the top spot!

Coach Mike on the team's performance: “This team is special. They follow a system and execute it a majority of the time. There is still so much more developing on our side especially closing games out sooner but it’s a giant leap forward for this 07 group and in this regional showcase it showed”

We are so proud of all of our teams competing day in and day out and showcases and tournaments like these are great opportunities for them to show just how much they have developed, as well as get recognition for their hard work.

Congratulations to both our G07 & B07 Black Fc Copa NJ Central teams for their outstanding performances, let's keep up the great work!

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