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The Copa Boys National League teams were in action this weekend in Pennsylvania. Together they compiled a record of 5 wins,1 tie and 2 losses in nine games. This was our second showcase for 2018 and we are proud to have 2 teams who will be going to compete at the Disney Showcase down in Orlando, Fl right after Christmas. We look forward to displaying a style of soccer that is enjoyable to watch, while competing against top teams from throughout the country!We are very proud of the ground covered by these young men and are ready for the challenges ahead.



Fc Copa Academy 2000/2001B USYS NL (NJ Ranked #10)

Boys U19 Showcase Red

Win 1-0 vs Continental Fc Ecnl ‘00M (PA Ranked #39)

Loss 1-2 vs Matchfit Academy Fc Ecnl 00 (NJ Ranked #7)

Win 2-0 vs CSA BW 2000 Boys Green (NJ Ranked #16)


Copa Boys 00/01 National League Team had an outstanding weekend participating in the Penn Fusion Winter Showcase. These three games helped our group grow thru game experiences, player roles were identified and players executed the game plan very well. On these trips we have the ability to schedule Team Meetings prior or post matches to discuss topics that will improve our play. Our team meetings proved to be extremely useful as players were able to bond and then affect each other in a positive way on the field. We are looking forward to carrying this momentum into the 2018 Disney Winter Showcase.


Fc Copa Academy 2002B USYS NL (NJ Ranked #17)

Boys U17 Showcase Red

Tie 1-1 vs PDA Hibernian Vardar EDP/NPL (NJ Ranked #14)

Win 2-1 vs Continental Fc Ecnl ‘02M (NJ Ranked #20)

Win 2-1 vs Hotspurs Sc Hotspurs 2002 Blue (NJ Ranked #7)


Copa Boys 2002 National League Team got off to a slow start but displayed their quality in the final 2 games on the tournament. Coach Andrew states, “We are looking to build upon each game, have a solid mentality and execute the game plan.” With this being said, the team meeting covered topics such as building a team identity, identifying our strengths & weaknesses and then applying the proper adjustments to being successful. Coming up next is the Conference Cup game on Saturday 12/15. We are looking forward to ending 2018 on a high note and carrying these positive results into our Spring National League campaign.


Fc Copa Academy 2003B USYS NL (NJ Ranked #4)

Boys U16 Showcase Red

Win 1-0 vs PA Dominion Fc Pad ‘03 (PA Ranked #2)

Loss 0-2 vs WSV Elite Elite 03 (PA Ranked #5)

Loss 1-2 vs Continental Fc Ecnl ‘03M (PA Ranked #60)

Copa Boys 2003 National League Team continues to get challenged as they play against the best in the tri-state area. Regardless of the results this team has become so mentally strong, we were successful in disrupting play with good defensive strategies and are getting closer together as the season progresses. During our team meetings we went over our style of play. To be successful all players must be on the same page going into the field and we strongly believe they are buying in. Players and coaching staff are working side by side to showcase the best version of this talented 2003 group. Our Conference Cup game is up next on Saturday, 12/15 before heading down to the 2018 Disney Winter Showcase.

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