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This past weekend FC Copa Academy competed at the 2018 PA Classics Girls Winter Showcase. Below we have provided a recap on all three teams who competed this weekend including our Girls 2003/04 EDP who grabbed their first tournament championship as a team!



Fc Copa Academy 2001G USYS EDP

Women’s U19 Championship

Tie 1-1 vs Woodstown Eclipse U19 (NJ)

Loss 0-1 vs PUSA York United (PAE)

Loss 0-2 vs PA Classics Elite Blue 00 (PAE)

Copa Girls 2001 Edp got to showcase their play in front of numerous college coaches this past weekend. Their roster size produced a ton of playing time for all the members involved. Team bonding was again a positive result of our team meetings and setting the tone for what is expected of a showcase tournament. We discussed our style of play, how to react to various scenarios during the run of play and a chance for players to share with one another. As a coach we are very dedicated into getting to know our players and how we can motivate them. As our young ladies continue to develop, we will shift our focus to visualizing the field and how to problem solve quickly to ensure we get the results we deserve.


Fc Copa Academy 2002G USYS EDP

Women’s U17 Elite

Loss 0-2 vs Council Rock United Soccer Fc Bucks NPL 02 Rampage (PAE)

Loss 1-2 vs PA Classics Elite Green 02 (PAE)

Tie 1-1 vs Pennsylvania PSA 02 Elite

Copa Girls 2002 Edp travelled to Classics Park in Pennsylvania for their second college showcase. Aside from some very good competition, we were able to bond as a team thru our team meetings. The girls were able to share valuable life experiences, stories about their upbringing into the sport and how all these moments relate to a game like environment. The unity amongst teammates was displayed on the field as they battled together to execute the game plan. We will continue to train on our technical ability, grow in our knowledge of the tactical side and most of all continue making memories that will last a lifetime. An awesome group of girls to be a part of.


Fc Copa Academy 2003G USYS EDP

Women’s U16 Superior

Win 3-2 vs PA Classics Elite Green 03 (PAE)

Win 1-0 vs Chester Springs United Black (PAE)

Win 3-0 vs Fc Berna Legacy 03G White (NJ)


Copa Girls 2003 Edp were crowned champions of the bracket over the weekend! They took a big step forward as a team. Transitioning into defense, creating opportunities on net and most importantly capitalizing off of those chances. Coach Melissa was most impressed by the quality shown by every player, “We were able to rotate personnel without ever dropping our level of play.” Team meetings were valuable as the coach learns a little more about each of our players. We look forward to building on this tournament win, getting to know each other a bit more and continuing to play as a team.

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