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Name: Briana Ramirez

Team: G01/02 NL

Number of Years at Copa: 3

HS: Manalapan High School

HS Honors: Honor Roll, High Honor Roll

Coaches at Copa: Coach Yazo, Coach Roberto, Coach Lori

College Attending: NJIT

Conference: Atlantic Sun Conference

Anticipated Major: Forensic Science

Quote about a specific coach:

“Always pushing me beyond my limits.”

What are your most memorable moments or experiences at FC Copa Academy?

The most memorable moment at Copa was when I realized this soccer academy was not just my soccer academy, it was my family.

How did FC Copa Academy help you become the player you are today?

From the very start, the FC Copa coaching staff taught me to always push myself, always work hard and that even on my days off, I should work on my soccer skills.

How did FC Copa Academy help you get into the college program you will be attending?

Coach Roberto and Coach Lori have been great throughout my whole recruitment process. Because I started in 10th grade, the college coaches could not speak to me directly so they would handle all the negotiations and they made sure that I was taken care of.

Share your thoughts and experiences on the collegiate recruitment process with FC Copa.

FC Copa made my recruitment process easy. They helped me from start to finish. If I ever had a question and I would see any one of the Copa staff on or off the field, they would always make time to answer any questions or concerns I had.

What advice would you give to future FC Copa Academy athletes going through the collegiate recruitment process?

Athletes, the one thing that Coach Roberto and Lori taught me that I want to pass on to you is that collegiate coaches value in there players not just performance based skills but, life and character skills as well. School and grades are the most important. Always remember you only have one first impression for the college coaches on the field so always push yourself and give it your all. And finally, always keep your social media clean.

Final Thoughts?

“Throughout my years of playing with Copa I have always felt like part of a family; a family that I will have forever. I will always come back to help in anyway I can. I will never forget the friendships and good times here. I will never forget all that FC Copa has done for me. Thank you so much.”

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