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Updated: Dec 7, 2018

FC Copa Academy Shares It’s Process For Successful Recruitment In Their Yearly College Night

For well over a decade, FC Copa Academy has paved the way for college bound soccer players in New Jersey. Boasting a 98% commitment rate, with well over 380 players playing for over 160 colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and throughout the world, for players looking to pursue college soccer, the proof is in the pudding.

On Monday November 19th, Pines Manor in Edison was host to hundreds of college bound players and their parents from FC Copa Academy. The night consisted of a carefully structured presentation to demystify the college recruitment process, and to share the step by step formula for college bound athletes looking to be recruited. A formula that Founder and President, Roberto Aguas, along with Vice President and Director of Academic Guidance, Lori Berman have been perfecting for close to 15 years.

Most notable was the blend of speakers, covering the recruitment process from every angle. The roster for the evening included Lori Berman, addressing the academics and process fo choosing a school regardless of soccer, then Roberto Aguas, speaking to the role that FC Copa Academy will play in getting each player recruited. The attendees were also treated to an array of former and current FC Copa Academy players, who are also former, current, or future collegiate athletes. Coaches Andrew Santos and Matty Berman, shared the unique perspectives from being Copa alumni, Division I collegiate athletes, and now coaches at the same club that helped them along the way. Andrea Leitner, class of 2017 FC Copa Academy graduate, spoke to the preparation she gained from her experience at FC Copa. And both Morgan Clark and Mackenzie Cangro from G00/01 National League spoke from very recent experience, about their process, the work they had to put in, the assistance they received, and their excitement at their commitment to college soccer programs of their choice.

From there, the crowd was privileged to get the perspective of the other side of the recruitment equation, three long standing collegiate coaches: Brian Doherty from Kean University, Patrick Naughter from Montclair State University, and Sean Topping from Muhlenberg College. The information these coaches provided on how to communicate, what to expect before during and after the recruitment process, some of the differences between divisions, and programs, was absolutely invaluable. They also graciously entertained numerous questions from the audience, that only added to the incredible evening.

There were some very significant takeaways for the audience. Hope, there is a school to fit both their academic and athletic goals. Encouragement, there is a tremendous support network at FC Copa Academy for each and every player. Inspiration, it is all up to the player, the information is available, the support is in place, they just have to do the work. The throng of enthusiastic players and parents, came away informed and empowered, knowing exactly what they needed to do next to help make their dreams a reality.

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