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FC Copa Academy B07 National League Help Make Thanksgiving Dinner Possible For Local Families In Need

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, a group of ten and eleven year old boys turned the FC Copa Academy office and conference room into a Thanksgiving workshop. Before that; however, the boys amassed donations from friends and family inside and outside the club, enough to provide Thanksgiving Dinner to almost ten local families. At Copa Headquarters, the boys assembled baskets with donated turkeys, and vegetables, stuffing, drinks, and desserts, everything a family would need to have a Thanksgiving Day meal and then some. They worked on hand made cards, with heartfelt words and drawings for local families in need. They learned the values of gratitude and of charity.

Under the direction of Vice President Lori Berman, and the assistance of Cori Dunphy, the B07 National League team donated close to ten food baskets through the Holy Family Parish in New Brunswick. Coach Lori had this to say about the experience, “It has been a great experience to see these young men give of themselves, their time and their effort to serve others. The lessons they gain and the character they develop through these types of experiences, are invaluable and are so humbling to be a part of. We are incredibly proud of these young men.”

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