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On Thanksgiving weekend, we had the opportunity to travel down to the Disney Soccer Showcase in Orlando, FL with four of our FC Copa Girls National League Teams and enjoy great soccer in some warmer weather. With this pleasure came great responsibility to perform, not only for ourselves but for all the teams that may follow in the near future. We were able to bond during our team meetings, team outings (lunch or dinners), play against tough competition from all around the country and showcase the style of soccer we train diligently back here at home. We also volunteered at Give Kids The World Village ( during our time there to help those less fortunate. The number of college coaches who attended our games demonstrates that our program has been and continues to lead players in the right direction. We are beyond proud of our young ladies and coaching staff and are extremely thankful to all the families that allow us to work with them. #THECOPAWAY.


Wins: 7 | Losses: 2 | Ties: 3

Goals in favor: 28 | Goals Against: 13 | Clean Sheets:5

Total Games Played: 12 | # of Colleges In Attendance: 135

Disney Girls Soccer Showcase

FC Copa Academy 2000/2001G USYS NL (NJ Ranked #6)

Women's U19 Showcase

WIN 2-1 vs Pinecrest Premier 2000 Blue (FL Ranked #10)

WIN 6-0 vs Solar Soccer West 00G Williams (North TX Ranked #2)

TIE 1-1 vs USA/MP 01/00 NPL (SC Ranked #1)

Copa Girls 00/01 Black had an exceptional showcase with a record of 2 wins and 1 tie. We ended 3rd in the overall standings with 7 pts. The teams above us also had 7 points but due to goals in favor (8 for them and 7 for us) they were able to get ahead of us. We tallied a total of 9 goals in favor (see tournament rules) and 2 against. A total of 95 college coaches were in attendance for the three games played. We are extremely proud of the girls, their style of play, determination to come from behind, effectiveness in the final third and ability to implement tactical adjustments during the course of play.

Disney Girls Soccer Showcase

FC Copa Academy 2002G USYS NL (NJ Ranked #11)

Girls U17 Championship - Red

WIN 2-0 vs United Futbol Academy 02 Red (GA Ranked #41)

WIN 3-0 vs Birmingham United SA 02 (AL Ranked #1)

LOSS 1-2 vs NFM GPS Florida West 02 (FL Ranked #23)

Copa Girls 02 Black came together in a short amount of time to pull away with a record of 2 wins and 1 loss. We ended 4th in the overall standings with 6 pts. Our only loss coming to the first place team who had won their first 2 games by a combined score of 6 goals in favor and 0 against. We came into the match undefeated in our first 3 games by a combined score of 5 goals in favor and 0 against. We were unlucky to get a pk call against us which ultimately costs us the game but a very successful showcase nonetheless. These young ladies were tenacious without the ball, studied the different scenarios in the game and were class in possession exposing the other team's weaknesses. The bar has been raised and we are excited for what’s to come with this group.

Disney Girls Soccer Showcase

FC Copa Academy 2003G USYS NL (NJ Ranked #1)

Girls U16 Showcase

TIE 1-1 vs Mursfreeboro FC Youth Storm (TN Ranked #3)

LOSS 1-3 vs United Mt Pleasant USA/MP 03 NPL (SC Ranked #4)

WIN 6-4 vs Sunrise Sc Sting 2003 X1 (FL Ranked #1)

Copa Girls 03 Black challenged themselves by playing some of the top teams in the country while maintaining a positive record of 1 win, 1 tie and 1 loss. We ended in 8th place in a bracket were 15 of the 16 teams all rank in the top 5 of their respective state. Their biggest challenge came on the last match day facing off with the State Champions of Florida, who had won both their previous match and only 1 goal against. Our girls were determined to showcase what Jersey soccer is all about and took a commanding 4-0 lead into halftime. This was a testament to the quality of the group, their willingness to battle for one another and tactical adjustments carried out on the field.

Disney Girls Soccer Showcase

Fc Copa Academy 2004G USYS NL (NJ Ranked #25)

Girls U15 Championship

WIN 2-0 vs United Futbol Academy 04 Red (GA Ranked #48)

TIE 0-0 vs Henry County United 04 Elite (GA Ranked #42)

WIN 2-1 vs GPS Orlando I 2004 Girls (FL Ranked #38)

Copa Girls 04 Black carried themselves with class to a record of 2 wins and 1 tie. We ended 4th in the overall standing with 7 pts, with only teams who went undefeated about us. These young ladies demonstrated a ton of heart and devotion to being successful. From the sidelines Coach Matty injected his team with positivity. They were able to overcome many game scenarios, share similarities off the field, implement tactical game plans, showcase a beautiful style of play and ultimately build a belief in each other that will carry on to their future games. Sky’s the limit for these young ladies.

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