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FC Copa Academy Brooklyn Player Spotlight: Benjamin Ilkanhov

Age: 12

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

School: W.A. Cunningham I.S. 234

What has you most excited about joining FC Copa Academy Brooklyn as a Founding Member?

I’m excited to join FC Copa Academy Brooklyn because of its great support and guidance to its players with it’s proven success rate of getting their players into great colleges.

What’s your favorite position?

Right Midfield

Who’s your favorite player?

Cristiano Ronaldo

You’ve been one of FC Copa Academy Brooklyn’s highest users on the Techne Futbol app, using their array of video time trials and training sessions to train on your own and improve your technical skills. What do you like the most about the Techne app?

I like how the Techne app can track your progress and give you daily reminders to continue training.

What time trials or training sessions would you suggest to others using the Techne app?

I would recommend the Techne app’s great juggling training sessions because they often focus on great control of the ball or having the perfect touch to the ball, which are both very important in soccer.

What do you want people to know about yourself as a Founding Member of FC Copa Academy Brooklyn?

I like to always do my best, and I am a hard worker. #TheCopaWay #WeAreCopa #FCCopaBrooklyn

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