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As the spring season unfolds, FC Copa Academy maintains its stride in youth soccer tournaments, showcasing notable talent and unwavering determination across various age groups and competitions.

Our B08 Gray FC Copa Central team led off with a massive performance in Richmond, Virginia where they took third place in their bracket.

Coach Roberto reflecting on the showcase: "I’m very proud of our boys to come here and put on such a strong performance. With a new system of play being put into place, results like these motivate the team to continue to learn and grow. This is an important step forward for this team and we will continue working hard as a group to reach the full potential and play at a top level.”

Our Brooklyn teams were not to be overshadowed though as they performed strongly at the City Showcase Tournament over the holiday weekend. Starting with the B06 Black FC Copa Brooklyn team who continued their dominant run with another showcase full of strong performances all around, finishing as finalists on the weekend.

Coach Kante thoughts on the showcase: "This showcase was a testament to the team’s resilience, adaptability through a series of different challenges. The players demonstrated a strong ability to maintain possession, create scoring opportunities, and execute strategic plans, which speaks to their preparation and understanding of the game. The showcase was not just about the wins or the setbacks; it was a reflection of the team’s journey towards growth and improvement. Securing a 2nd place finish in our bracket, players have shown that they are on a path of continuous development, seeking to balance and refine their game to compete at higher levels."

Followed up by our B09 FC Copa Brooklyn team match that result by taking the finalist spot in their age group and leaving the weekend with a couple of impressive wins to be proud of.

Coach Kante about the weekend for the B09's: "Our performance in the showcase was a great demonstration of players collective spirit and teamwork. Throughout the three games, players exhibited impressive coordination and showed their skills, particularly in maintaining organization on the field. This showcase was more than just a series of games; it was a crucial learning experience for the team. It highlighted their strengths, such as players ability to work cohesively and their strategic game management. The showcase has set a solid foundation for growth, underscoring the team’s potential and readiness to elevate our game to new heights."

Additionally, the B07 Black FC Copa Central team showcased their competitive spirit with a massive comeback win, that would jump them up to the finalist position in their bracket, in their final game of the EDP Easter Showcase.

Coach Lescano thoughts on the team's performance: "Was a great spring showcase for the boys to allow themselves to illustrate all the work we did in the winter onto the games in the tournament. I felt the boys had a way better understanding of the system I wanted in terms of building with patience, rather than going 110 mph. Finally me as their coach seeing how the willingness to fight back and get goals never stopped despite how much time may have been left in the game. Overall, I am excited for the spring season with them and their progression in the game, as well as with their communication they have with future institutions that they will be able to call home."

Looking ahead, we are excited to see our teams build upon their successes, embrace new challenges, and continue to improve. With each showcase, tournament, and match, FC Copa Academy reaffirms its mission to identify, develop and educate youth soccer players and coaches in a positive, structured, and challenging atmosphere in the pursuit of excellence.

Congratulations to all our teams for their outstanding performances, and here's to another season of growth, camaraderie, and memorable moments. Together, let's continue to work hard and make FC Copa Academy proud.

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