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FC Copa Academy Player Josh Noble Gains Experience Through Internship At FC Copa Corporate Office

Today we had the opportunity to sit down with a very special member of our club, Josh Noble. Josh has been part of FC Copa for four years. He is currently playing for our USL Academy & the USL League Two teams. Along with that, Josh is completing an internship at FC Copa’s corporate office as he prepares for the next stage in his career.

Josh, could you sum up what it is like to be an intern at FC COPA Academy?

Being an intern at Copa is a perfect fit. It’s a great opportunity to see how a successful business is managed in an area that I’m passionate about, which is soccer. The internship involves learning about the ins and outs of a business and the behind the scenes sector of a soccer club. I’m given the freedom in being trusted to handle important projects, which requires a lot of accountability.

Josh, you have been in this club since you were a little kid. In what ways did the experience as both a player and intern open your eyes?

Playing for FC Copa over the last four years has been an amazing experience. I’ve grown a lot as a player and person under some really great coaches, and I’ve worked my way up through the academy teams to the USL League Two team.

Being an intern at the club has been really interesting since I get to see the other side of the game and how much work and planning goes into every part of the game from practices to match days. Players don’t realise how much time coaches spend behind the scenes to improve player development and make the team better and the club successful.

What are some skills you think you have gained with being an intern at FC COPA Academy?

The most important skills I’ve learned as an intern are the communication and leadership skills in working in an office environment. I have also gained a lot of experience in event planning, marketing, relationship building, business planning for the upcoming year. Everyone can bring value to a team regardless of their position in the organization.

How do you see your time here as an intern impacting your future career plans?

FC Copa has pushed boundaries and gone to the next level with the USL League Two team and the UWS team. Seeing how much effort and planning goes into those teams, inspires me to continue to push myself to achieve my goals. My time here as an intern has really interested me in business management and inspired me to lead an organization one day.

We value everything that Josh is doing for FC Copa, both on and off the field. We have no doubts that the experiences he has gained on the field and in the office will take him very far in his next journey in life.

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