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Boys Teams

09/10 EDP Futures Festivals

Coach Andrew Santos

“Very fun and challenging weekend for the boys. The level of play from the opponents was high and allowed us to see that level and raise ours to match it. Great job by the boys bouncing back after a slow first game to putting together 3 solid ones after.”

08 Boys Pre-NL

Coach Angelo Jack

The Boys had the right mentally to compete and play the way we wanted to. They started very well trying to possess the ball, looking for each other in the game. Defensively I can say that our ability to defend together is getting better and now we just need to execute with speed and quicker communication. Overall I can say that the players are responding well and really trying their best! Let’s go Boys!

07 Boys EDP

Coach Angelo Jack

The boys started great in the first 10 minutes possessing with combination play to goal and resulting in our first goal out of 5. We had some great moments together and some great individual performance to finish the first half 3-2 in our favor. Half time talk was to have one or two touches to increase our speed of play which automatically allows us to look for each other and combine just like in the first 10 mins of the game and that help us to finish strong scoring 2 and conceding none in the second half. Let’s go Boys!

07 Boys Pre-NL

Coach Andrew Santos

“The Boys 2007 Pre-NL were tested this weekend. A game that was in the balance for most of the match. Back and forth by both teams on grabbing the next goal. The boys were able to come together in the second half and put together a good final product to the game securing the result in their favor.”

06 Boys NL

Coach Billy Englishby

Our attacking Identity was certainly on display this weekend - A great example of possession with a purpose. The team has been working hard on the training field implementing new concepts as part of their long term development and it was good to see it clicking for them in a competitive environment.

05 Boys EDP

Coach Yazo

Boys took another positive step in their development by facing a good opponent in TSF and making the necessary adjustments to compete. The game was very physical it required every player to dig in deep. Weather was not favorable with the temperatures dropping very low but it proved to be a good test for these young boys.

05 Boys NL

Coach Raphael Araujo

2005B NL won their second National League game in a row beating YMS 1-0. Our opponents is one of the top teams in PA but that didn’t matter we went into the game with confidence and imposing our style, it was a hard fought battle and I’m glad we came off on top because the boys worked hard to get the result. So happy for them

Girls Teams

08 Girls Pre-NL

Coach Alexandra Tinfow

Great start by our girls this weekend getting on the scoreboard first. We maintained a good level but will work on maintaining a better balance defensively. A few missed opportunities in the second half, we will work on our finishing this week to increase our chances next weekend. Overall lots of improvement shown by the girls thus far.

07 Girls Pre-NL

Coach Steve Lengen

The players put in a solid performance, implementing the aspects of the game we’ve been working on in training. It was a pretty even game, but we showed some stretches of real dominance in possession that were encouraging. The girls should be proud of their progress, I look forward to continuing to move forward at training this week.

06 Girls NL

Coach Matty Berman

The players enjoyed another favorable result in National League by defeating Stallions 4-0 on a blustery day in Pequannock. Our tenacity and systematic pressure led to scoring opportunities which we finished at a high rate in the second half. The team now sits atop of the National League table with 15 points in five games, and has a big matchup with 2nd place STA next weekend.

05 Girls NL

Coach Yazo

These young ladies faced a very good Stallions team who tested us from the first minute. We demonstrated great tenacity in different moments in the game. As we continue to grow as a collective squad we are analyzing our game more and more to see where we can improve. Motivated to get back to work this week and continue to develop our understanding of different moments in the game.


Copa Fit (Mondays)

Coach Matty Berman


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Copa Play (Thursdays)

Coach Yazo


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Copa Minis (Saturdays)

Coach Yazo


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