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FC Copa Academy Winter Programs offer players the chance to improve on their skills in a fun, competitive environment. We have programs for any age and any skill level so choose the one that best suits you! Below is a list of the different programs we have to offer and a description of what you can expect from each one. Hope to see you this winter!

Please contact Coach Yazo if you have any questions. He can be reached at

COPA Minis: Ages 2016 - 2014

COPA Advanced: Ages 2013 - 2010

SUNDAYS 8-9am Starting on Jan 5th.

The Copa Minis is a base program intended to bring in young boys and girls who have a passion for the game of soccer

and hope to learn more in a fun and educational environment fueled by coaches who love the game.

- Give players a solid foundation of movement/technical skills

- Love for the game

- Teamwork, accountability and togetherness

- Provide the best training program with coaches that genuinely care

- Build relationships with players, parents and families

- Build confidence on the ball

- Proper technique ( Dribbling, Passing & Finishing)

- Learn new skills on the ball

- Enhance body movements and mechanics

- Enjoying the game while learning

Copa Fit & Ball Mastery: Ages 2010 - 2006

Copa Fit & Ball Mastery: Ages 2005 - 2001

SUNDAYS 8-9am Starting on Jan 5th.

The Copa Fit & Ball Mastery is a program intended to further assist our players with their fitness and ball control.

We have merged these programs to give you the best of both worlds in an hour session.

COPA FIT is designed to cover all fitness aspects within the game of soccer while teaching the fundamentals of body mechanics.

Create a fun and competitive environment to increase a player's fitness, improve a player's soccer movements (focus on speed, agility, change of direction and explosiveness)

COPA BALL MASTERY is designed to improve any player's touch and control on the ball while teaching older and newer moves for players to master. Throughout the FC Copa Ball Mastery clinic players will have a ball at their feet for up to 30 minutes out of the 1 hour, using repetition of individual moves to increase the levels of comfort on the ball in a pressured environment.

Copa GK Training: Ages 2011 - 2001

SATURDAYS 2-5pm Starting on Jan 4th.

Goalkeeping is a highly specialized position, requiring position specific technical and tactical training.

To reach their peak ability, goalkeepers need to be challenged, physically, emotionally, and psychologically to deal with the rigors of this exciting and demanding position.

Three different levels available.

2pm - Exploration

3pm - Foundation

4pm - Implementation

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