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FC Copa Academy will wrap up a fantastic summer this upcoming weekend at the 2018 EDP Summer Showcase and MAPS CAPS Tournament. It has been a busy summer for FC Copa Academy from college showcases to youth tournaments and regionals a couple weeks back. The club looks forward to finishing the season on a good note and securing some silverware while playing a good brand of soccer on the way. This weekend at the EDP Summer Showcase, FC Copa Academy will be sending 11 total teams to the event. Starting with the U14 Boys up to their U17 Boys and Girls Teams. The competition looks great and they expect a number of college coaches in attendance this weekend as well. Below is a list of the 11 teams attending the EDP Summer Showcase: U14 Boys 04 Black U15 Boys 03 Black U15 Boys 03 Red U15 Girls 03 Red U16 Boys 02 Black U16 Boys 02 Red U16 Girls 02 Black U16 Girls 02 Red U17 Boys 01 Black U17 Girls 01 Black U17 Girls 01 Red The MAPS CAPS event will also be running at the same time this weekend for the U13 teams and younger. FC Copa Academy will have 7 younger teams at this event as well. In the last two weekends these younger teams competed at the Central Jersey Invitational where FC Copa Academy crowned 2 Champions, 1 Finalist & 2 3rd Place finishes. Below are the list of teams competing this weekend: U11 Boys 07 Black U11 Boys 07 Red U11 Girls 07 Black U12 Boys 06 Black U12 Girls 06 Red U13 Boys 05 Black U13 Girls 05 Black Good luck to all teams competing!

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