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FC Copa Brooklyn Player Spotlights: Eric King, B04 and Elijah King, B06

With FC Copa Academy Brooklyn fully launched and ready for the 2020-2021 Fall Season, we are excited to share the stories of some of our Founding Members. In our newest FC Copa Player Spotlight Series, read about FC Copa Academy Brooklyn players Eric King (FC Copa Brooklyn Boys 2004) and Elijah King (FC Copa Brooklyn Boys 2006)

Age: Eric King 16 + Elijah King 14

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

School: Scholars Academy, Rockaway Park

What has you most excited about joining FC Copa Academy Brooklyn as a Founding Member?

Eric - I’m excited for the chance to help establish FC Copa Brooklyn, building on 16 years of FC Copa’s success from 26 state, 19 regional and 7 national finals & championships. FC Copa culture feels like a family, I'm excited to join the club and meet everyone involved. I’ve looked up the FC Copa Rutgers Boys 02/03 team already to research them. I look forward to some friendly rivalries.

Elijah - I want to complete the legacy in Brooklyn. I want to be a part of a team that wins silverware and leagues. I’m most excited about college and the future, a lot of players have gone pro and beyond. At this club we will have more opportunities to showcase ourselves and show off our skills. I’m excited about FC Copa’s Virtual Training Portal to keep you moving during the summer and the season. I’ve used TechneFutbol already.

What’s your favorite position?

Eric - Striker

Elijah - Center Defensive Midfielder

Who’s your favorite player?

Eric - Marcus Rashford, Manchester United & England

Elijah - N’Golo Kanté, Chelsea & France

What do you want to improve in your game, and how do you think FC Copa can help you achieve that?

Eric - I’m working on my movement and my left foot as well as my spatial awareness.

Elijah - My stamina, I think Copa will help me with that through FC Copa’s VTP and more playing opportunities.

What do you want people to know about yourself as a Founding Member of FC Copa Academy Brooklyn? Eric - We are really hard working, our lives revolve around soccer and we’re really excited to start. We are competitive and love having fun with our friends competing against one another.

Elijah - I love to play soccer and love to play in the park with random people. We love everything around the sport and what the future holds. Follow us on social media! Instagram FB

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