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FC Copa Futsal Academy has reached the midway point of the season. This season has been a great one for the futsal academy from the training to league play and our recent success in the EDP Futsal State Cup. We have had a number of our teams take great strides in the sport whether it is a brand new group playing this season or our more experienced teams who have been with the academy for a number of seasons. We look forward to a great finish to the year as we want to wrap up the 2019 Futsal season on a fantastic note.

First, we would like to congratulate all the teams who have had a successful run in the EDP Futsal State Cup. I have listed the teams who have placed this season: 

Boys 2002 - Champions Boys 2003 - Finalists Boys 2005 - Semi-Finalists

Girls 2003 - Champions Girls 2006 - Champions Girls 2005 - Finalists

Our Boys 2007 also did well with 2 wins and a loss but missed out on playoffs by one game. A great showing by all teams who have competed at the EDP Futsal State Cup. 

In league play we have had some great matches and progress each week from all our teams. Whether our groups are building towards a successful season within league play or preparing for the Regional event. The continued focus on the individual development of the player inside the game of futsal has been the focus this year. We have added the team concept to our older more experienced teams but for our younger teams the individual focus is number one and the foundation they are building is exceptional. In the final half of the season we are continuing to build on the steps of success for our groups as we then head into the outdoor season.

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