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G06 Duo Named To All-American Watchlist!

As the 2023 All American High School Game watchlist is unveiled, it's impossible not to recognize the achievements of our very own Hailey Santiago and Alyssa Hendrickson. Hailey's Freehold Township roots run deep, and her dynamic presence on the pitch has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. Meanwhile, Alyssa, hailing from Steinert, has proven time and again that defense is an art form. Her strategic brilliance and unyielding determination have thwarted the most formidable of opponents, earning her a well-deserved spot on this prestigious watchlist.

Forward Hailey Santiago of Freehold Township and Defender Alyssa Hendrickson of Steinert have earned their well-deserved spots on the prestigious 2023 All American High School Game watchlist! These two accomplished players have exhibited unparalleled skill, determination, and sportsmanship throughout the season, setting a standard of excellence for our club. Their dedication to the game has not only brought glory to their respective schools but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes everywhere.Let's cheer them on as they continue to light up the field and represent our club with unmatched passion and talent!

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