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G06 & G07 Teams Stand Above At Florida Showcase!

In a spectacular display of skill, determination, and teamwork, FC Copa Academy's G06 and G07 ECNL teams emerged triumphant at the ECNL RL Florida Showcase, securing top spots with great records that showcased their exceptional talent on the soccer field.

The G06 ECNL team from FC Copa Academy not only maintained an undefeated streak but also displayed an extraordinary goal-scoring prowess during the ECNL RL Florida Showcase. In the course of three games, they netted an impressive 20 goals while allowing only 2 goals against them. An impressive goal difference that exemplifies the team's offensive firepower and defensive resilience that was on great display throughout the showcase. All together it led to the girls to finishing first in a group of 86 teams.

“I am very proud of the G06 team this past weekend at the ECNL Regional Showcase finishing in first place among so many quality teams . Our performance wasn't just about goals and wins; it was a display of the true teamwork, chemistry and determination this team has. As this is their last year together, they continue to accomplish great things and leave a legacy for our younger players. We look forward to finishing this year strong!” - Coach Roberto Aguas

The G07 ECNL team concluded the showcase on a high note, securing two impressive victories and only facing a single defeat. Throughout the matches, they showcased remarkable prowess by netting a total of 10 goals while conceding just 1. This exceptional strength in both offensive and defensive aspects emerged as the defining trait of the team. The impressive performances propelled them to a prominent position in their bracket, underscoring the dedication and hard work invested in their preparation leading up to the showcase.

"I couldn't be prouder of the G07 ECNL team's outstanding performance this weekend. This is a true testament to how far we've come as a group. Their hard work and dedication have pushed us to compete at an elite level and continue to win. This experience adds to their growing list of  impressive achievements, and I'm excited about the continued growth that is on the horizon!” - Coach Massimo Cedraschi

Vice President Coach Lori Berman, commented on the strong weekend from the two teams "Our G06 and G07 teams showcased great skill this past weekend in front of hundreds of college coaches at the ECNL Regional Showcase and we are excited to see the next steps in their college recruiting journeys. " - Coach Lori Berman

FC Copa Academy's Girls 2006 and Girls 2007 teams have made the Copa Community very proud with their stellar performance at the ECNL RL Florida Showcase. The high level performances from both teams gave the college coaches in attendance plenty to write about and are testaments to their hard work and signs of bright futures ahead. Congratulations to all members of the G06 and G07 ECNL teams!

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