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Updated: Feb 7

As winter unfolds, FC Copa Academy has been making waves in various prestigious showcases, demonstrating exceptional success across the board. Participating in events such as the PA Winter Classics, PDA College Showcase, Steele United Girls Turf Showcase, MSC TES Boys December Showcase, St. Louis ECNL Showcase, USL Academy National Finals, and National League Conference Playoffs, our teams have consistently stood out with remarkable performances.

Participating in showcases is more than just displaying skills on the field; it's an invaluable opportunity for players to catch the attention of college coaches. The exposure gained during these events plays a crucial role in shaping future opportunities for our talented athletes.

FC Copa Academy is committed to providing these showcase opportunities, understanding the impact they have on our players' development and collegiate aspirations. As we navigate the winter season, we are thrilled with the success our teams have achieved so far and remain dedicated to facilitating more chances for growth and exposure.

FC Copa Academy has showcased impressive performances across various winter showcases, highlighting the talent and dedication of its teams. The participating teams, including B08 USYS Rutgers, USL Academy Boys, B06 Black Flemington, B06 Brooklyn, B07 Gray Rutgers, B07 Red Rutgers, G08/09 Black Brooklyn, G07 Black Rutgers, G06 ECRL, G07 ECRL, and G08 ECRL, have consistently set themselves apart in these events.

From the PA Winter Classics to the PDA College Showcase, our teams have seized the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and resilience. Notable goal differentials and strong showings in front of college coaches have become characteristic of FC Copa Academy's winter showcase performances.

In summary, FC Copa Academy is proud to acknowledge the achievements of its teams in the winter showcase season. We are committed to providing valuable opportunities that not only contribute to our players' success on the field but also aid in their journey toward collegiate soccer. The winter season has been a testament to the dedication and talent within FC Copa Academy, and we look forward to continued success in the seasons to come.

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