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This coming weekend, March 09-11, we will see 4 teams represent FC Copa Academy at The Jefferson Cup. Returning to the cup, we will have the B03 Black South, who finished as Finalists in the 2017 Jefferson Cup, and the B03 Black, who left as Semi-Finalists in 2017. In addition to our returners, we also have the B06 Black and the B07 Black, who are the youngest team to ever attend the event in the history of the academy.

“We are very pleased to be attending The Jefferson Cup this weekend,” said Executive Director of Coaching Roberto Aguas. “Our academy played against some great competition last weekend in the Manhattan Kick Off Classic and now we are looking forward to playing again with some of the best competition in the country in another top-rated tournament this weekend.”

FC Copa Academy wishes all four teams competing the very best of luck this weekend at The Jefferson Cup!

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