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Jenna Potts, Class of 2019, Commits to Shenandoah University!

Name: Jenna Potts

Team: G02/01 NL Black

Number of Years at Copa: 6

HS: Somerville High School

HS Honors: Conference Championship

Coaches at Copa: Coach Yazo

College Attending: Shenandoah University

Conference: Old Dominion Athletic Conference

Anticipated Major: Nursing

Quote about a specific coach:

Many of my coaches helped me become a better overall player.

What are your most memorable moments or experiences at FC Copa Academy?

One of my most memorable moments at FC Copa was when I first started at Copa, we would smash cupcakes into the face of whosoever birthday it was.

How did FC Copa Academy help you become the player you are today?

FC Copa helped me become a more technical player while also helping me build my confidence up.

How did FC Copa Academy help you get into the college program you will be attending?

If they did not help my team get into the tournaments I was seen at, I would never have been able to play in front of so many different college coaches.

Share your thoughts and experiences on the collegiate recruitment process with FC Copa Academy:

It is very helpful and amazing that the coaches care so much about how you are doing and where you want to go. They always want to do what they can to get you where you want to be.

What advice would you give to future FC Copa Academy athletes going through the collegiate recruitment process?

Be patient with the whole process. Even though it is very stressful, everything will work itself out if you work hard.

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