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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Name: Leticia Dasilva

Team: G01/02 Black

Number of Years at Copa: 4

HS: Woodbridge HS

HS Honors: All County

Coaches at Copa: Coach Yazo

College Attending: Post University

Conference: CACC

Anticipated Major: Early Childhood Education


Quote about a specific coach:

Coach Yazo, has really helped me become the player that I am today. He is always able to give me advice on how to get better, and always giving positive encouragement while pushing me to be the best soccer player I can be.

What are your most memorable moments or experiences at FC Copa Academy?

My favorite memory is definitely going to my first Disney showcase tournament, just being able to hangout with my teammates and creating a bond was very memorable.

How did FC Copa Academy help you become the player you are today?

FC Copa helped me become the player I am today. With all of the different coaches that I have had, they all taught me something different on and off the field. I have learned things about life that if it wasn't for my coaches I would have never learned.

How did FC Copa Academy help you get into the college program you will be attending? FC Copa was always there helping me, and was always asking if there was anything they could to make my college process better.

What are your thoughts and experiences on the collegiate recruitment process with FC Copa Academy? My college recruitment process was very easy in my opinion. Going to all the different college showcases really helped me in my journey of committing to a college. But the most important thing is definitely emailing college coaches that you are interested in going to. Just staying up to date with all of the college requirements is also just as important. I know that as an athlete, athletics are our main priority but you also have to focus on your school work. Your academics are just as important, in the college process.

What advice would you give to future FC Copa Academy athletes going through the collegiate recruitment process?

My best advice for anyone going through the college recruitment process is just follow your heart to know what college is best for you. At times others might try and change your mind but just stay true to yourself and where you want to go. In the end it’s your future, you want to end up somewhere you are going to be happy at.

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