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Congratulations to all of our Champion or Finalist teams at both the 2024 EDP Memorial Day Classic and the Lincoln Pae 45 Annual Memorial Day Weekend Tournament!


We are so proud of all of our teams competing day in and day out and tournaments like these are great opportunities for them to show just how much they have developed, as well as get recognition for their hard work.

The teams that reached the finals in the tournaments are the G12 Black NJ Central, G14 Black NJ Central, B09 Black NJ West and the B08 Black NJ West teams. The B13 Black NJ West walked out of the tournament as Champions! These successes are the result of the hard work and dedication that these teams put in all-year round in practice in order to excel on the field. 

Our Brooklyn Academy teams that achieved success as finalists at the tournament were G13 Black, G15 Black, and B12 Black. Both G13 Black and G15 Black won all of the tournaments to become champions. The team's terrific performances showcases their ability to play at a high level and provides a look into a bright future for the players. 

The commitment of our players, coaches, and families made these accomplishments possible. We are proud of all the teams for representing FC Copa Academy so well, and we congratulate them on their amazing performances.

We hope that as our spring season draws to a close, our teams will continue to build on their accomplishments by finishing strong. We take great pride in seeing the talent and enthusiasm that define FC Copa Academy with every game. Let's keep pushing each other to achieve greatness both on and off the field as we keep up the fantastic job!

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