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Name: Nicholas Tittanegro

Team: B02/03 Black

Number of Years at Copa: 2

HS: Scotch Plains Fanwood High School

HS Honors: High Honor Roll

Coaches at Copa: Coach Roberto, Coach Lori

College Attending: Muhlenberg College

Conference: Centennial Conference

Anticipated Major: Business


Quote about a specific coach: I loved working with Coach Roberto and Coach Lori. They both know the game very well and helped push each player to be the best they could.

What are your most memorable moments or experiences at FC Copa Academy?

My most memorable moments for Copa would have to be traveling to Colorado for nationals. It was a great experience, where we got to play against a lot of good competition and made it to the semi-finals.

How did FC Copa Academy help you become the player you are today?

FC Copa really helped educate me as a soccer player as well as prepare me for what the college experience was going to be like.

How did FC Copa Academy help you get into the college program you will be attending?

FC Copa helped me get into a successful college program by giving me the exposure I needed at different college showcases.

What are your thoughts and experiences on the collegiate recruitment process with FC Copa Academy? The process can be very difficult at first but you have to be patient and eventually you will find a school that is both the right fit academically and athletically for you.

What advice would you give to future FC Copa Academy athletes going through the collegiate recruitment process?

Be patient and play every game as hard as you can because you never know who is going be watching in the crowd. #TheCopaWay #WeAreCopa

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Congratulations!!! That's awesome. Go into the world and be EXCELLENT! All the best.

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