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FC Copa Academy Celebrates Hat-Trick of Tournament Triumphs!

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

It was a standout weekend for FC Copa Academy as our talented teams hit the field and brought home three impressive tournament victories. The Girls 2012 (G12) Black Rutgers, Girls 2013 (G13) Black Brooklyn, and Boys 2011 (B11) Black Flemington teams all displayed remarkable skill, teamwork, and passion making us proud!

The G12 team showed exceptional skill, scoring a total of 18 goals and conceding just 3 throughout the tournament.

Coach Yazo said this after the successful weekend:
“Champions! This group has been on a great streak of positive results. It’s important to note it wasn’t always this way but it’s a result of the work put in at every training session, great family support and on their own free time. We are chasing consistency in our play, forming our team identity with the lessons we learn on the field. Looking forward to more challenges in the future!”

Over in East Islip, the G13 team proved to be a force to be reckoned with, netting an impressive 23 goals while allowing just 5 in return.

Coach Chris had this to say after the impressive performances:
“Really proud of the girls for how resilient they were with the tough playing conditions. We scored some great goals and worked really hard for each other. Looking forward to the rest of the season with this group.”

Not to be overshadowed, the B11 team from Flemington exhibited solid defense, conceding only 2 goals and responding with an impressive 13 of their own.

Coach Woodward had this to say about his team:
"Success comes from the grind, both on and off the field. Our 2011 Boys soccer team put in the work, supported by their families and extra practice sessions. We're striving for consistency and building a solid team identity with each game. We are excited for the challenges ahead!"

These victories are not only a testament to the talent of our players but also a reflection of the dedicated support they receive on and off the field. The entire FC Copa Academy community joins in celebrating these achievements and looks forward to more successes in the future. Congratulations once again to G12 Black Rutgers, G13 Black Brooklyn, and B11 Black Flemington on their outstanding performances.

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