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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is FC Copa Academy?

    FC Copa Academy is a professional soccer organization founded in 2004.  We are a soccer family consisting of over 750 members from the ages of 5 to 19 that come from all areas of NJ, NY, and PA.  In addition to the youth academy, FC Copa Academy provides a pathway into the college, semi-pro and professional levels its New Jersey Copa FC collegiate programs (U20 and U23) all the way to the NPSL (men) and UWS (women) teams.

    We are a year-round soccer development program assisting players in reaching their greatest potential.  The focus is on educating the complete player with a knowledgeable and caring staff. FC Copa Academy fields both boys and girls teams in each age group from U7 through U19 and beyond.  FC Copa Academy teams compete in premier level leagues, tournaments, showcases, and competitions locally, regionally and nationally. 

    Since its inception in FC Copa Academy has appeared in 26 state, 19 regional and 7 national finals & championships while having one of the highest college placement rates in the country, both soccer and academic, having placed over 325 students into 153 collegiate programs and developing over 24 professional and national/international team players.

  2. What is FC Copa Academy’s soccer philosophy?

    The FC Copa Academy soccer philosophy is defined by its curriculum which is the foundation of our development program.  We strive to focus on a high technical proficiency and a possession based style which encourages creativity. The culture of the organization reflects our view that the necessity to win every game is not a goal: we view winning as an outcome of the development that the club focuses on.  FC Copa Academy is devoted to the growth and advancement of every player, from our very youngest to our most senior athletes. The FC Copa Academy philosophy of development is transmitted through each team, regardless of their age or gender.

  3. What is the new entity FC Copa Academy Millstone at Sportika?

    Launching this year, this new organization will be an academy run and lead by FC Copa Academy that will serve via a strong partnership with Millstone United and Sportika. This partnership will provide access to proven training, individual player development, team competition and unparalleled facilities to Monmouth County and surrounding areas.

  4. Will FC Copa Academy be leaving the Rutgers area?

    No, FC Copa will continue to run its existing academy out of Rutgers University, where we have been for over 10 years. Our goal is to offer the same level of focus, commitment and dedication to player development locally in the Monmouth County area.

  5. What Types of Programs Are Offered by FC Copa?

    In addition to the new FC Copa Academy at Sportika, FC Copa will soon be offering details for a number of other proven soccer programs such as camps, clinics, minis introductory programs, speed/agility training (Copa Fit), goalkeeper instruction (Copa Keepers) and team training opportunities as well as futsal and college elite programs.  Visit www.FCCopa.com or www.sportikasports.com for the most current information.

  6. Will there be parent or professional coaching?

    Every member of the FC Copa Academy staff is highly qualified and carefully selected, every coach is a USSF and/or NSCAA licensed coach. Numerous coaches have professional, collegiate, high school and regional ODP coaching experience. What sets our staff apart is the energy and passion we have for the care and development of all our athletes, striving for them to become their best selves as individuals. Our coaching staff communicates a clear vision for individual players and teams with expectations and objectives to achieve throughout each respective year. There are no parent coaches at FC Copa Academy.

  7. Is Sportika partnering with FC Copa Academy?  

    Yes, Sportika is fully behind this partnership, as together we look to offer a best in class facility and player development offering and programing year round.

  8. Is Millstone United partnering with FC Copa Academy?

    Yes, Millstone United and FC Copa Academy are partnering to offer Millstone United and the surrounding community a pathway for its players to continue to strive and reach the next level if it is something they would like to do. Additionally, FC Copa Academy’s curriculum and development process will be implemented within Millstone United.

  9. Will Millstone United grassroots travel teams have access to professional FC Copa Academy coaches, trainers and academic guidance programs?

    Yes. This partnership creates access to all of the above for Millstone players and teams.  A standardized proven training and coaching methodology along with academic support is our recipe for successful player development. Millstone United players will get full access.


  10. Where will teams train?

    All FC Copa Academy Millstone teams will train at Millstone United’s outdoor fields during the year and  indoors at Sportika as the anchor soccer academy tenant. 

  11. Where will teams play?

    All FC Copa Academy Millstone teams will play out of Millstone fields and occasionally at Sportika.

  12. Will other clubs be allowed to train & rent at Sportika or Millstone?

    Yes and No, teams are always welcome to rent space and we will encourage it, but other clubs cannot run an academy at Sportika or Millstone.

  13. When will tryouts be held?

    Tryout dates and details can be found at www.fccopa.com

  14. How many teams will be in each age group?

    Initially we will look to field 1 or 2 teams in each age group. 


  15. Will players from FC Copa Millstone at Sportika be allowed to train and play with existing FC Copa Academy regionally and nationally ranked teams at Rutgers?

    Yes, our history has shown and our player development model supports giving players opportunities to play at the highest level possible. This includes playing up as a guest player or guest playing with one of our existing top level teams. 


  16. What league will the teams be playing in?

    The teams we field will play in EDP and the USYS National League.


  17. Outside of having teams what else will FC Copa offer?

    FC Copa will offer soccer programing along with its partners for the local community via clinics, camps and Futsal in the upcoming year. All details for these programs will be announced soon.


If you have additional questions or for more information please contact:

FC Copa Academy: Jef Thiffault  |  732.662.5202 x205  |  jef.thiffault@fccopa.com  |  www.fccopa.com

Millstone United: Vinny Farina  |  732.580.7816  |  vfmuts@gmail.com  |  www.millstonesoccer.com

Sportika: Danny Franke  |  732.792.9900  |  dfranke@sportikasports.com  |  www.sportikasports.com


FC Copa Academy | New Jersey Copa FC

34 Bridge Street | Building B

Metuchen, NJ 08840

info@fccopa.com | 732.662.5202


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