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Jackie Bruno and Phoenetia Browne Give Back To FC Copa


FC Copa Academy recently kicked off a new initiative where we want to provide our players with positive role models for them to look up to and see what opportunities lie ahead for them! “See Yourself” as you look to and hear from successful inspiring role models.

We welcomed back club alumni Jackie Bruno and Phoenetia Browne for a virtual discussion series with members of our FC Copa Academy Girl’s teams. Both players joined FC Copa in their youth and progressed to play collegiately, played for our UWS team and then professionally overseas.

Bruno, the current head coach at College of Staten Island and former captain of our UWS team, shared vital information with the girls on how to find both internal and external motivation to compete at the highest level. She also described the differences between playing styles in high school and at the collegiate level.

Our first two virtual sessions were an amazing success hosting over 100 academy girls on each call. Both Jackie and Phoenetia were phenomenal guest speakers, offering incredible insight in their journeys to become professional soccer players and successful young soccer coaches. Our current players posed thoughtful questions to both Jackie and Phoenetia with both women sharing insights and inspiration of how they got where they are today.

“I want to thank both Jackie and Phoenetia for joining us and sharing their wonderful words of wisdom and advice to our group of girls. Having alumna come back and share their real world experience is an invaluable resource for every member of our club for our girls to see real role models as they look ahead for their futures”- Lori Berman, Vice President, Director of Education and Academic Guidance.

Phoenetia, who had played at Copa for 13 years, shared her thoughts on the differences between professional soccer and representing her home country of Saint Kitts and Nevis with our academy girls. Browne played at both Columbia University and the University of Texas Austin. She was able to share her unique experiences in deciding which college to attend and then also speaking upon her decision to transfer to another university.

“We are very pleased to see so many of our players very engaged in these virtual meetings and we look forward to hosting additional meetings in the next few weeks.” - David Barbour, Girl’s Technical Director

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