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Dr. Vincent Codella serves as both the Academy Medical Director of FC Copa Academy and the Official Team Doctor for both the New Jersey Copa FC women’s and men’s teams. He runs Codella Family Practice which is located in Union, NJ. We checked in with Dr. Codella with a few questions to get this latest views on COVID protocol and safety. Dr. Codella’s expert advice has been a major influence in the direction of FC Copa Academy’s practices and policies relating to COVID response, as well as non-Covid related health issues. He has a unique understanding of FC Copa Academy while always placing the health, safety and well-being of our players, coaches and families at the forefront. We are very grateful for the care, attention and focus he has provided to all of us during these times.

Question 1: Can you briefly describe your role with FC Copa Academy? Dr. Codella: My first exposure with FC Copa was as a parent on the sideline. After spending time in that role, I realized that the program was different from other clubs. As they expanded to include higher level teams and needed to secure medical care I was honored when they asked if I was interested, as they knew that I am a primary care physician with 3 years of training in sports medicine. Aside from being able to provide sideline medicine to the players, I have been able to advise the coaching staff (and I am very happy to say that they have always been very supportive of suggestions I make, and certainly put the players safety first). But I think my involvement with the club during this pandemic has been very useful. I have been speaking with Lori almost daily, and keeping her updated with the current guidelines for safety, treatment and prevention of this disease.

Question 2: With cold weather arriving and Holiday Season upon us, what advice can you stress to our families? Dr. Codella: As much as we like to socialize, we must realize that missing out on 1 holiday season together is much better than a holiday season that develops into a viral party. Stay home, keep the groups small (limiting any people who you are not around routinely), and if all goes well as the vaccine is rolled out you will be back to socializing in no time. This is so very important because with the cold weather around us, we are less likely to have windows open, providing good ventilation.

Question 3: What are your overall thoughts on the state of play for soccer thus far and do you have any news to share for optimism?

Dr. Codella: This pandemic is challenging for all aspects of life, and we should not minimize the stress this puts on children. Trying to maintain some sort of normalcy is very important, and this includes extracurricular activities. I am very optimistic about the vaccine being developed, and hopefully we can get people protected, allowing them a greater return to activity.

Codella Family Practice is a total care practice, addressing patients' needs in the office, providing complex preventative healthcare, and addressing all medical conditions. They are located at 1000 Galloping Hill Road

Suite 103; Union, NJ 07083. Learn more at

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