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Coach Michael Lescano named to 2024 EDP Promising Young Coaches 30 Under 30 List

FC Copa Academy is thrilled to announce and celebrate the well-deserved recognition of our Coach and Manager of Admissions, Michael Lescano. Michael has been named to the 2024 EDP Promising Coaches 30 Under 30 list, reflecting the phenomenal work he has done with his four teams within the short time of having them.

Michael's dedication to the sport and his great hunger to achieve amazing things with his teams have made him a standout figure in our academy. In under a year Michael has led his teams to three tournament victories and over twenty wins, showing just how fast he takes effect on the teams and players he coaches.

This passion has taken him beyond the field as well, as he continues his work in the FC Copa Academy office to make sure that players from teams of all locations are insured, accounted for, and carded. You'll also often find him staying late at games and practices to spend time connecting with players personally, something that has helped players quickly acclimate.

As we celebrate Michael's well-deserved recognition, FC Copa Academy extends its congratulations to him. We are incredibly proud to have Michael as part of our team, and we look forward to watching his continued success and contributions to the world of soccer.

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