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09/10 Boys Futures - EDP Festivals

Coach Andrew Santos

“Continue to play soccer with courage”

Exceptional play from the young boys at the festival. They played very well, executed their 1v1’s and timing was impressive. The boys are riding a wave of confidence which we will build upon this week as we work on 2v1 scenarios.

08 Boys Pre-NL W 4-0 vs Ridgefield

Coach Angelo Jack

“Fantastic job boys, keeping a clean sheet is key”

The boys had a top game this weekend. Pressure, cover, balance was executed very well, while minimizing our mistakes. Going forward if we can improve our communication on the field I believe it will increase our productivity.

07 Boys EDP T 2-2 vs Monroe SC

Coach Angelo Jack

“Great job boys, let’s keep it going”

Fantastic play from the boys this weekend. The boys were able to execute many points covered in training. They applied the training into the game and I am very pleased with the performance. We will look to create more chances going forward and improve our finishing.

06 Boys NL W 1-0 vs CSA Monmouth

Coach Billy Englishby

“Another good step in the right direction… Let's keep moving forward”

A solid performance from the group this past weekend keeping a clean sheet and managing the momentum of the game was key. We will continue to build on our training and performances and evolve our attacking understanding for our next game.

05 Boys EDP L 0-2 vs WNY

Coach Yazo

“Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard”

We learned from a slow first half and took the field in the second half with great intensity. We recognized our mistakes, all players remained confident and now it’s time to put a full game performance to ensure we get what we deserve as we look forward to the rest of the fall season.

05 Boys NL L 0-1 vs CSA Monmouth

Coach Raphael Araujo

“It is early in the season, this is all a process and I am really excited for what’s to come from this talented group”

Exciting back and forth game with opportunities for both sides. We were unfortunate with the result but overall good performance from the boys. Keynote moving forward is keeping the same intensity from start to finish.


08 Girls Pre-NL L 1-4 vs North Brunswick

Coach Alexandra Tinfow

“A good game to grow through, with lessons from things we could adjust to, but also great job working all the way to the final whistle and getting that late goal.”

We faced a challenging opponent who put us under pressure in dangerous areas of the field. The effort from start to finish was great; however, culminating in a late goal after several good chances, rewarding the players for their tenacity. That perseverance will help us out tremendously as we continue to grow and develop in playing the Copa Way.

07 Girls Pre-NL L 1-4 vs Mount Olive

Coach Steve Lengen

“Tough result but positives to build on, let’s keep moving forward”

Opponents threw some challenges at us first half, but the players adapted to half time adjustments extremely well, and kept a 1-1 second half. Disappointed with the result but very optimistic to continue progressing as a team. We are working hard to improve our decision making to ensure the girls are recognizing the best opportunities on the field.

06 Girls NL W 2-1 vs CSA Monmouth

Coach Matty Berman

“It was an great result for the girls who have had a terrific start to this fall season.” Keeping this momentum in such a competitive league gives the girls confidence heading into state cup this weekend”

The team showed great heart. We have played more composed at times, but the ability to grind out a result under an intense environment and in less than ideal weather conditions revealed tremendous character. We will work on decision making under pressure. We need to continue to value the ball and use our rhythm to dictate a match.

05 Girls NL W 1-0 vs CSA Monmouth

Coach Yazo

“The victory gives the girls a ton of confidence moving forward, we will look to improve on other aspects of the game and limit our mistakes on the field”

Super happy with the way the girls performed away from home against a tough opponent. Every single player stepped up, produced while on the field and the overall atmosphere was positive. Pleased to see them trust each other on the field and support each other thru this journey. We are slowly putting all the pieces together.


Copa Fit (Mondays)

Coach Matty Berman

“Continued focus on a critical aspect of the game, peak physical performance”

The athletes in the program are doing and exceptional job challenging themselves while being put thru a series of training exercises to improve their performance. This week we had Coach Yazo and Technical Director Coach Billy participating as well. We are pleased to see these boys and girls commitment to become a better version of themselves.

Registration Link:

Copa Play (Thursdays)

Coach Yazo

“The game of soccer is a beautiful life tool and brings people together no matter where you come from”

Great first day with our students from the Crest Haven Academy. These young players came in with a ton of energy. We went over some fundamental exercises, got familiar with one another then let them go at it with some fun 2v2 tournament style games. Looking forward to seeing them again.

Registration Link:

Copa Minis (Saturdays)

Coach Yazo

“Proud and excited to meet with these young players every Saturday morning to play the game we all enjoy so much and get better at it”

Another exciting day with the young boys and girls who are showing a ton of potential for our future Copa teams. We played, we laughed and they are ready to take on the challenges we have planned for them in the coming weeks. The music in the background kept them engaged and even dancing at times after scoring a much deserved goal.

Registration Link:

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