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Boys Teams

09/10 EDP Futures Festivals

Coach Andrew Santos “Another great weekend from the boys. The progress over the last couple weeks has been exceptional. Each weeks topic at training is getting seen at the weekend matches and the boys are starting to learn and gain a greater understanding of the fundamentals of the game we are working on, while adding their creativity and being able to express themselves on the field.”

08 Boys Pre-NL

Coach Angelo Jack

I thought that the boys did well overall. They had the right mentality going into the game. We played our style of soccer despite who the opponent was. We tried to build up play from the back when we can. I also thought that the players was successful on recognizing both moments of the game and executing without me getting verbally involved. Communication has gotten better now and we need to continue to speak to each other on the field. It really helps with our game. We will continue to work hard and progress together. Good job Boys!

07 Boys EDP

Coach Angelo Jack

It was good to see the boys back at it again and this time we triumph on the "WHAT" we worked on in practice. The positive mentality to shoot/ finish our chances was present in the game which brought us the positive results we needed. Consistency in this mentality is the key. I expect the boys to remember everything we worked on. I also thought that we worked the angles and combine more especially in the second half of the game to allow us to keep possession better. We will continue to work hard and progress in areas we need to. Good job Boys!

07 Boys Pre-NL

Coach Andrew Santos NJYS State Cup Quarterfinals: Boys 07 Pre-NL 3 - Princeton FC 1 EDP League Game: Boys 07 Pre-NL 9 - CSA Newark 1

“Top to bottom complete performances from the group. This season has been building blocks and we know the importance on continuing to grow and get better each day. Looking forward to training tonight to get back to work.”

06 Boys NL

Coach Billy Englishby

Our first set back in the National League provided a lot of food for thought in our long term development and these are the opportunities we must embrace. We will continue to evolve our game and strengthen our ability to recover, turning setbacks into opportunities to improve.

05 Boys EDP

Coach Yazo

“You boys play soccer the right way, the results will come” Coach Cesar, from our opponents this weekend. It meant a lot for the other coach to come over and congratulate our boys on the style of play we demonstrated during the match. It’s encouraging and I am happy that the boys believe in it as well. We are progressing and I am proud with the effort shown from every single player.

05 Boys NL

Coach Raphael Araujo

The boys grabbed their first win in National League action. It was a dominating performance by our boys versus CSA-Newark, we did a great job connecting passes and keeping possession of the ball while looking to explore the space in behind, second half we were more in tune, created many opportunities and put most of our chances away. Scored 6 goals in a game so all the work that we put in creating goal scoring opportunities in the final third is paying off. Congratulations to the boys and let’s continue to work hard.

Girls Teams

08 Girls Pre-NL

Coach Alexandra Tinfow

The girls played extremely hard and were very patient defensively. I was very happy with our 1v1 defending and with the progress we have made in looking to pass the ball around. We will continue to work on our development.

07 Girls Pre-NL

Coach Steve Lengen

G07 Pre-NL fell 2-1 in the state cup quarter-final to Cherry Hill. Despite an unfortunate result, the game was a great sign of the players’ growth and development in the past several weeks of training. They showed great competitiveness as well. We continue to look forward to further opportunities to learn and grow throughout the season.

06 Girls NL

Coach Matty Berman

G06 NL went 2-0 on the weekend, taking down CSA Monmouth in the quarterfinal round of State Cup on Friday, and beating PDA Shore in National League on Sunday. Katie Figueiredo and Sienna Petro converted a free kick and penalty kick, respectively, on Friday night, and Courtney Irwin and Sienna Petro each scored a goal on Sunday. The team played strong defensively in both matches, and looks forward to competing in the semifinal round of state cup.

05 Girls NL

Coach Yazo

We were tested in many ways this weekend against a quality opponent. I believe a team needs to experience this from time to time to see exactly what we are made off. Looking to bounce back with my girls and I believe they want it just as much. We will train hard this week, discuss what we could improve on and put an honest effort forth to fixing those mistakes. Overall, we have a great group and we believe in each other. Thru thick and thin this group will succeed in the end!


Copa Fit (Mondays)

Coach Matty Berman


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Copa Play (Thursdays)

Coach Yazo


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Copa Minis (Saturdays)

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