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On Saturday, February 24th, three different FC Copa Futsal Academy teams represented the academy and placed in the Futsal State Cup. The U17 G01 Black finished as State Cup Champions and the U19 B00 Black left as State Cup Finalists along with the U19 G00 Black.

The U19 B00 Black started with group play scoring two wins and one loss. They then headed up against United Gold in the Semi-Finals, where they won before eventually undergoing a loss in the Finals when playing against STA.

“Great weekend and year for this group,” exclaimed FC Copa Futsal Academy Director and Coach, Andrew Giallombardo. “A creative hard working team who wrap up their futsal careers here on a good note. It was great to coach them and for our younger teams to watch them play each week and at regionals. We look forward to seeing them outdoors this Spring as they get ready to play at the college level in the fall.”

Next up was U19 G00 Black walked away as State Cup Finalists after winning three matches in the group stage and enduring one loss against in a Round Robin style tournament, where they eventually finished in 2nd in the standings.

“A hard fought day from the group who had to battle through a ton of challenges and continued to play together to get results,” said Andrew Santos, FC Copa Futsal Academy Coach. “This team will wrap up their Futsal careers with another top finish adding to their number of state and regional titles. Although we didn't reach our goal on the day we still had something to be proud of. A lot of these players will be playing at the next level this coming Fall so we can not wait to see what they will do this Spring outdoors."

Lastly, the U17 G01 Black walked away as 2018 NJ Futsal State Cup Champions after they scoring an impressive four wins in group play, enduring no losses, landing them at the top of their group in the Round Robin style tournament.

“To repeat as state cup champions is a great achievement to begin with,” stated Coach Andrew Giallombardo. “We played some real tough competition last weekend at the Northeast Regionals and fell short of qualifying by one game. We knew this week we would have to be at our best to win it and the girls were fantastic from the first kick.

FC Copa Academy congratulates all the competing teams from the Futsal State Cup this weekend, especially the U19 B00 Black, U19 G00 Black, and U17 G01 Black on their finish as State Cup Finalists and State Cup Champion respectively.

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