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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Name: Victoria Dalton

Team: G02/03 National League Black

Number of Years at Copa: 4

HS: Monroe Township High School

HS Honors: High Honor Roll

Coaches at Copa: Coach Roberto and Coach Lori

College Attending: Stevens Institute of Technology

Conference: MAC Freedom

Anticipated Major: Business and Technology

Quote about a specific coach:

The US Navy SEALs like to say, "Get comfortable being uncomfortable." I feel this quote applies to the coaching style of Coach Roberto and Coach Lori, as they are always pushing me to be the best version of myself on and off the field. In this way, they make sure I am always looking to improve who I am and how I play, and of course, that can mean that I will be put in some uncomfortable situations.

What are your most memorable moments or experiences at FC Copa Academy?

Some of my favorite experiences at FC Copa include playing at ESPN Wide World of Sports in Disney and coaching Copa Futures at the FC Copa Summer Camp this past summer. Lastly, one of my favorite memories is singing T-Pain’s “Best Love Song” with my whole team before our games.

How did FC Copa Academy help you become the player you are today? FC Copa has this philosophy about constantly pushing yourself to be your best and never stop training. This has helped me become the player I am today because it has helped me embrace my love for soccer at the next level. I am extremely grateful for our year-round training and how even during the pandemic, FC Copa did an amazing job with keeping all of its players involved. For these reasons, I would say I am the player I am today because I have such passion and discipline for this sport.

How did FC Copa Academy help you get into the college program you will be attending?

FC Copa provided me with this opportunity due to the exposure it has given me. I am grateful that I have had many opportunities over the years to play in the highest brackets at some of the best tournaments in the country.

What are your thoughts and experiences on the collegiate recruitment process with FC Copa Academy? While the recruitment process is stress-inducing for every athlete, FC Copa has provided me with guidance that has helped me endure the process and come out strong. Coach Lori has always aided us in reaching out to college coaches and even taught us what enticing emails should look like. Both Coach Roberto and Coach Lori have always encouraged me to go after my dream schools and eased my nerves about the recruiting process by simply telling me to be myself; they had faith it was enough.

What advice would you give to future FC Copa Academy athletes going through the collegiate recruitment process?

To those still going through the recruitment process, I would strongly advise you to put yourself out there. As simple as it sounds, you need to write your emails to college coaches, make sure they are proper and well-written, and be persistent. Be aware that there will be some schools that may disappoint you, but you must never give up hope. As long as you hold yourself accountable at home, in training, and in games, you will soon discover that there is a college for everyone.

Share any other info that you may want us to know.

I have loved playing at FC Copa these past four years, and I am so happy to have surrounded myself with such amazing teammates and coaches. While I am excited for what is to come, I will certainly miss seeing these faces every week. #TheCopaWay #WeAreCopa #CopaCommits

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