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Joe Greenspan, Andrea Leitner, and Sydney Cummings Join Latest FC Copa Virtual Series


FC Copa continued its regular Copa Virtually Presents for its players, providing exclusive access events to individuals that have made significant advancements in the game. This week’s session featured three standout FC Copa Academy Alumni, Joe Greenspan, Andrea Leitner, and Sydney Cummings.

The FC Copa Academy boys teams were joined by FC Copa Academy Alumnus and 2014 USL Defender of the Year, Joe Greenspan. Greenspan was a key member of the FC Copa Academy Forza team that won two New Jersey State Cup championships. Greenspan, who was a standout collegiate player at Navy, shared words of wisdom with the nearly 100 boys players on the call. Greenspan shared insight into the discipline that was necessary for him to succeed in college and how that propelled him towards a professional career. Joe mentioned how learning to separate his emotions from his actions was a crucial step in dealing with adversity. He left our academy boys with a crucial piece of advice for the future in terms of pushing their development forward, “If you're comfortable, you’re in your comfort zone, and if you’re in your comfort zone you are not pushing yourself as much as you should be.”

“Having Joe Greenspan join us for this week’s Copa Virtually Presents was an excellent experience for all of our boy’s players. Seeing another FC Copa Academy Alumni progress up the FC Copa pathway and become a professional player in both MLS and the USL, is a great motivating tool for our current players. We are thankful that Joe took the time to join us and answer questions from our audience, and we wish him the best in his continued professional career”. Boys Technical Director Billy Englishby

Sydney Cummings and Andrea Leitner, both FC Copa Academy and New Jersey Copa FC Alumnae, joined our current FC Copa Academy girls players this week to discuss how the pathway at FC Copa helped them to reach the highest level in their careers, along with their best experiences and interactions with their coaches. Sydney spoke about her transition from coming in with a certain attitude and slowly being molded into a leader. Andrea spoke to the girls about her personal experience with overcoming physical hurdles to get the opportunities she deserved.

We reviewed the teams available for our players once they go off to college and come back to play for Copa during their off-season to prepare for their college seasons. They also spoke about their playing career after graduating and holding a full-time job. Both players shared that they were very appreciative of their FC Copa coaches and their time here as players.

“We were thrilled to welcome back two FC Copa alumnae for our sixth installment of Copa Virtually Presents. Both Sydney and Andrea shared personal stories and their experiences of both club and college soccer to our audience of nearly 100 girls. These experiences are priceless and will serve as a great motivator for every member of our FC Copa Academy Girl’s teams”. Girls Technical Director David Barbour.

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